Dota Custom Keys

Dota Custom Keys - the easiest way to generate customkeys.txt for dota

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Dota v6.74-v6.83d; 6.85-6.88v3
click on skill to change the hotkey

*Requires patched map


  1. Select your preferred keys by clicking on skill;
  2. Press Generate and save file to your WarCraft III root folder;
  3. WarCraft III -> Options -> Gameplay -> Enable "Custom Keyboard Shortcuts".

NOTE: Remember to update your file whenever a new version of DotA is released.
To disable them, simply de-activate the "Custom Keyboard Shortcuts" option.


Dota Custom Keys Generator - online tool for generating Customkeys.txt. CustomKeys is a text file that allows you to remap the hotkeys for units and heroes. One of the most common reasons to use modified CustomKeys is to simplify things by having the same key for all spells in certain position.

To find spellcodes you can use CustomKeys with all keycodes to spells.

More info about CustomKeys

For Dota v6.88+ use configdota. Google configdota d1stats